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Chase Meadow Community Centre is a fantastic purpose built building that serves well as a central hub for residents from Warwickshire and beyond to gather, create, learn and enjoy. With many activities for all ages.


The centre is currently managed and run by a very small team of local people. Most of our volunteers have full time jobs. As much as we love providing the community with this great facility, it's becoming more difficult each week to manage and care for the centre, the way that we'd love to.


We are looking for further volunteers help with general day to day running and helping out. The budget is also tight, so any help to achieve tasks at low cost by helping, getting us contacts to save money or get free items or even just donating would be much appreciated.


Please get in touch at chasemeadowcentre@gmail.com



Chase Meadow Community Centre Ltd aim to deliver a variety of quality services for the local community. Working in partnership with St Michael's Church and Warwick District Council the centre shall be offering activities from young to old throughout the week.

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Chase Meadow Community Centre
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